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October 23, 2004

Haliburton is just Pure Evil


In this clip found at IMAO, we find out that Haliburton is the cause for you not getting that Christmas gift you always wanted.

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October 21, 2004

Kerry Goes Hunting..for Votes


Kerry, in an attempt to act like a "common everyday person" went hunting in Ohio. Furthermore, he was watching his home team Red Sox play the Yankees last night, while drinking a beer. However, he is unable to provide us with a "home-like" feeling that President Bush gives us.

Posted by Ian at 11:18 PM

October 20, 2004

Bush and Kerry Rally in Iowa


Today on a Yahoo News story story, President Bush and Senator Kerry campaign less than 60 miles apart in Iowa. Kerry said "Bush failed to grasp what the United States faces in Iraq". However President Bush responds (my favorite line in a long time by President Bush in a while) with "The next commander in chief must lead us to victory in this war and you cannot win a war when you don't believe you're fighting one".

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October 19, 2004

Ashley Faulkner: Lost Mother in 9/11, Finds Hope Within President Bush


Ashley Faulkner, a teenage girl who lost her mother in the tragic 9/11 attacks finds comfort through President Bush. Her story explains how our President has touched her life.


Ashley Faulkner

Posted by Ian at 11:27 PM

October 18, 2004

Yasser Arafat Endorses Kerry


Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority has endorsed Senator Kerry for President. He is hoping that the presidential hopeful will win because "he is better for the Palestinian cause"? And what is that, terrorism, blowing up innocent people? The story on WorldNetDaily, explains that the reason of the trouble in Palenstine, is none other than President Bush. According to Mr. Arafat, "our region has been sliding deeper and deeper into chaos because of certain policies over the past few years, and this needs to change." It's official...Terrorists for Kerry!

Posted by Ian at 11:48 PM

October 17, 2004

Kerry: Bush Will Destroy Middle Class


According to an AP Story on Yahoo! , if President Bush is re-elected he will privatize Social Security. This occured when Senator Kerry was at a rally talking to a group of voters. The Republican Party Chairmen, said the charge was "just flat inaccurate".

Posted by Ian at 10:15 PM

Lastest Gallup Poll shows Bush up by 8


Blogs for Bush posted that the CNN/Gallup Poll show President Bush at 52%, 8 points up from Kerry at 44%. Unbelieveably, Newsweek shows the same results in their poll among likely voters. Once again, the President's lead has begin to increase.

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October 16, 2004

Truth for Troops: Fahrenhype 9/11


At one of my favorite Bush Blog sites, Blogs for Bush, they linked to a story from Troops for Truth. This contained information to counter "Fahrenheit 9/11" called Fahrenhype 9/11. In this blogged story, we find that Michael Moore (director of the anti-Bush movie) purposely leaked copies to the troops to find "the truth" about the war. However, the move Fahrenhype 9/11 wants to be shown to troops, for equal-time fairness.


Continue reading for the blogged story..

Continue reading "Truth for Troops: Fahrenhype 9/11"

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October 15, 2004

Kerry similar to JFK


I don't know if anyone has taken notice the similarities between John Kerry and former president John F. Kennedy (JFK). Let's take a look.


- Kerry's middle name is "Forbes", thus making his initials "JFK"

- Kerry was from wealthy family in Massachusetts, as was JFK.

- Kerry fought in Vietnam and uses it as an agenda in his fight for the oval office. As did JFK.

- Kerry is a democrat, and so was JFK.


What a coincidence?


[You can see many more instances over at the BBC]

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October 13, 2004

Welcome to The Political Teen


Hello world, this is my first post (and hopefully many to come) on my blog "The Political Teen". First off, let me explain a little bit about me. I am sixteen years old and live in the eastern US state of Maryland. I have lived in Maryland my whole life with my two parents and my brother who is six years older than me. Just incase you think what I think because of my parents (which is a common misconception with some teens.) I don't. I am not saying I am some sort of know it all, but I evaluate before I make an opinion, otherwise it would be ignorant to do so. Anyways, my father is probably a registered republican, however does not think like one. He does not care for President Bush or Senator Kerry. He likes Ralph Nader, however doesn't see any reason to vote for all three of them. He is more of an advocate for more than 2 major political parties. My mother is also probably a registered republican. She is in favor of Bush, but doesn't like the redric from both sides. My brother works for the campaign office of our governer, Robert Ehrlich. And of course, he is a die hard republican. I myself, have conservative views and if I could vote, I would probably vote for President Bush. I just can't imagine seeing Kerry run this country, especially now with our never ending threat of terrorists (and he has done a pretty darn good job too).

Maybe you think of politics as something only adults really should be keeping up to date with. Or maybe you think there is no point in keeping up on your politics, because you have no effect on changing anything or it doesn?t affect you what happens. That couldn?t be further from the truth. Politics affect each and every one of our daily lives in some way. Who you elect is going to have the power to effect things like income laws, inherited ira, and regulations on trade shares. You will (hopefully) have a job and income someday. At some point you will retire and you may want to invest some of the money you worked hard for. So the political decision made today will affect you.

If you are not an adult, those things might not affect you today but they affect the wellbeing of the countries economy and what will be available to the next generation when it comes time for them to take over. It also affects your guardians? financial situation, which is ultimately your financial situation. Your future options depend on what decisions are made today. For example, if you decide you want to go to college and be a communication major or go to a LPN college, will there be government financial aid to help you pay for that education? What will the taxes be like? Will the college you choose be receiving government funds? How will loans be regulated at that point? Or if you want to get your online masters what online regulations could have been imposed by the government?

Even if you are not interested in organized higher education the government will affect many other areas of life as well. When you are considering a life insurance investment or go to get driving insurance or any other form of insurance, how will the government be affecting that insurance? Will it be from a private provider or will the government be regulating insurance by that point? Everyone has an opinion and the only way to make sure your interests are kept in mind is to participate and do what you can as a voter and citizen.

Maybe you can?t vote for several years, but you could stay informed and participate in campaigns of candidate you believe in. Politics builds on the political decisions made in the past. You can?t just get involved when you can vote and it suits you, and expect to understand what is going on. It takes awhile. So to help you stay up to date on all the current issues that affect your life through the political arena, read about politics, talk about politics, do what you can to protect your political interest today.

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